Primley Wood Primary School


Primley Wood Primary’s target for attendance is 97%. We would like every child to be able to reach this personal goal this year, and every year. Children are incentivised to reach their attendance goals, and we ask that parents, carers and the wider family help us to meet these targets.


Excellent attendance

Excellent attendance would mean your child is with us every school day. They have a score of 100%!


Average attendance

Average attendance would mean they are with us for 97% of the time. This is the average for a primary school child, but it means that they miss a whopping six days of learning! Missing just one week means that your child loses out on five hours of Maths and five hours of English, which could see them falling significantly behind.


Poor attendance

Poor attendance is a score of 90% and below. This means that your child has missed a significant amount of lesson time and a lot of learning. This level can be reached by simply being off school for three weeks and four days School. So it’s really important to consider the impact of taking a child out of school for any length of time unless it’s an emergency.


Please note that those classified as having ‘poor attendance’ may be reported to Leeds City Council following national attendance procedures.

Doctors and Hospital Appointments

Ideally appointments should be made for outside of school hours. Where this is not possible, they should be made for late afternoon so that your child benefits from as much of the school day as possible.



Holidays should be booked outside of term time. If you have an urgent need to request holiday outside the usual holiday periods, appointments must be made with the Executive Principal or Head of School before anything is booked.

For more information about Attendance please ask to see our guidance leaflet which can be obtained from the School Office.


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