Primley Wood Primary School


Learning can be exciting and fun, and we're here to help you along the way.

On this page you will find some of the following:

  1. Educational Resources: Play games that make learning fun! You'll find a variety of educational Resources that cover a range of topics, such as maths, science, literacy, and more.

  2. Creative Activities: Explore your creative side with fun activities such as colouring pages, crafts, and writing prompts. These activities will help you express your imagination and develop important skills such as creativity, fine motor skills, and writing abilities.

  3. Resources for Homework Help: Access helpful resources to support your homework, including reference materials, online encyclopaedias, and study guides. These resources will help you succeed in your studies and feel confident in your learning.

  4. Student Work Showcase: See examples of other students' work and get inspired! You'll find student projects, artwork, and writing samples that showcase the amazing talents and achievements of your peers.


Each class page will also list the class teacher and supporting staff as well as their contact details  should you have any questions.



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