Primley Wood Primary School

Parent Teacher Association


Our PTA which is a school-based organisation composed of parents, teachers, and staff members who work together to support and enhance the education and

well-being of our children.


The main goal of our PTA is to promote communication and cooperation between families and the school, with the ultimate aim of improving the learning environment and opportunities for our children.


Our PTA typically holds meetings, events, and fundraisers throughout the school year, and offers a platform for parents and teachers to share ideas, concerns, and suggestions for improving the educational experience of students.

 Our PTA also plays an important role in advocating for policies and funding that benefit students, and promoting programs that support student health and well-being.


Overall, Our PTA is a valuable resource for parents and teachers alike, and provides an opportunity for everyone in our school community to work together towards a common goal: ensuring the success and happiness of all our children.


Recently they have funded a great new Trim Trail in the Key Stage 1 playground as well as remodelling our school library.


Anyone is welcome to join the PTA. If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining the team, please contact the School Office.


Alternatively, if you have any fundraising ideas that you would like to share with the PTA, you can contact them by e-mail on

Member of Owlcotes Multi-Academy Trust

Owlcoates MAT