Primley Wood Primary School


We're glad you're here. This page is designed to provide you with important information and resources to support your child's educational journey.

Here are some key features and sections you'll find:

Academic Resources: Access helpful resources to support your child's learning at home. This may include subject-specific study guides, recommended reading lists, online learning platforms, and educational apps that can enhance your child's education.


Parent Resources: Explore a curated list of helpful resources specifically for parents. This may include articles, guides, and workshops on topics like parenting strategies, mental health, and supporting your child's social and emotional development.


Online Safety: Learn how to keep your child safe online and use technology responsibly. We'll provide tips and resources to help you and your child navigate the Internet safely and responsibly.


We hope that this parent page provides you with the necessary tools and information to actively engage in your child's education. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our staff.

We value your partnership in creating a nurturing and successful learning environment for your child.



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