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Our School Milk is provided by a company called Cool Milk:


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FP School Milk UK Limited’s FAQs


Why should I let my child/ren drink milk at school?

Milk is full of nutrients, which can help to boost the levels of concentration and energy – both of which are very important in the classroom. Each portion of milk contains 300mg of calcium. Calcium is important to help keep bones and teeth strong and healthy.


What is my child’s RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of Calcium?

Government guidelines recommend that a child between the ages of 1–3 years receive 500mg of calcium per day, however the RDA for a child aged 4 – 8 years is 800 mg.


I want my child to have a drink at school, but he/she has an allergy to cows milk

School Milk UK can offer your child alternatives to cow’s milk. We can supply your child with Soya, Rice or Goats milk. The price charged may be different to that of cow’s milk, and your child will not receive an individual carton of milk each day – however we will deliver a larger carton of milk each week to your child’s school, which they can decanter into a cup each day for your child. This larger carton will be the equivalent of 5 portions per week (1 portion per day).


What is the calcium content of Soya, Rice or Goats milk?

Each of these types of milk contains 300mg per portion. That’s the same calcium content per portion as cow’s milk.


Is my child eligible to receive free milk at school?

Government guideline state that every child under the age of 5 is entitled to free milk in school. Their daily entitlement is 189ml of milk. Your child may also be eligible to receive free milk at school if he/she is entitled to free school meals. Please check with your Local Authority to see if they offer free school milk for children receiving free school meals.


How do I register my child/ren for the School Milk UK scheme?

Registering your child/ren takes only a few minutes. Please see our ‘A new way to order and pay for your child’s milk’ leaflet and/or click on the ‘Register my child’ tab on our website and follow the easy instructions.


How can I amend my account details?

Should you wish to notify us of a change of address, contact details or bank account details etc, please click on the ‘Manage My Account’ tab on our website and follow the easy instructions to save your updated information.

How can I be sure that my bank details will be secure? School Milk UK, promise to keep your details secure with our fully encrypted software. You can be sure of peace of mind when you see the padlock symbol on our website.


Will any of my or my child’s details be passed onto any third parties?

Absolutely not. School Milk UK promises to keep all your information private and secure and has nothing to gain by passing on your information to other companies. All your details will be secured by your own password and unique customer number and no one else will have access to your personal account details.


How much will I pay for my child’s milk?

The price of your child’s milk can vary depending on if you choose cow’s milk or one of our alternatives. We will send you a letter informing you of the price per carton of milk prior to you registering. We will then send a letter out before the end of every half-term informing parents of the cost of the milk for the whole of the coming term. This allows you to see how much your child’s milk will cost you prior to ordering it.


When do I need to pay for my child’s milk?

We would ask for payment to be made for the full term at least 1 full week prior to the start of the new term (2 full weeks if paying by cheque). However, should you forget to pay on time, you can pay for the remainder of the days in the term at a later date, although you should be aware that cleared payment needs to reach us by a Wednesday for your child to receive their milk from the following Monday. We are unable to deliver any milk unless payment has been received. Please contact us if you require further information.


What happens if my child always receives milk, but on one occasion I forget to pay in advance?

Unfortunately if we do not receive payment in advance, your child will not receive their milk. This is because you order your milk with us at the same time as you pay and therefore if you haven’t paid, you won’t have ordered milk for your child. If there is no order in place, we are unable to deliver. However, should you forget to pay on time, you can pay for the remainder of the days in the half-term at a later date, although you should be aware that cleared payment needs to reach us by a Wednesday for your child to receive their milk from the following Monday.


How far in advance can I pay for my child’s milk?

School Milk UK, states that you must pay for each term in advance of any milk deliveries. The amount payable will be calculated on the number of school days in each term X the price per day. However, you can also pay annually if you prefer, calculated at 190 school days X the price per day. You can also change your payment mid-way through the year – for example, if you have been paying for each term and mid-way through the year you decide to pay for the rest of the year (up until the end of July), you can do so. We can calculate how many school days are left in the year and provide you with an invoice.


What happens if my child is off school sick?

Unfortunately if your child is off school for the odd day, we are unable to offer a refund for your child’s milk. This is because by the time you have notified the school or us that your child will not be attending, their milk will have already been delivered to school.


My child no longer wants to receive milk – how do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time, although we do require 2 full weeks’ notice for a full cancellation. Once the notice period has been served, we will refund any monies owing to you.


How do you know how many days to deliver milk in each half-term?

It is the duty of each individual school to provide us with their school closure dates – including teacher training days. This is how our system works out how many school days there are in each term in order to charge parents the correct amount. It is the full responsibility of the school to inform us of any closure dates. If the school announces an extra closure day after you have paid, providing they have given us sufficient notice, we can issue your account with a credit towards your next purchase of milk. If the school fails to notify us of a closure day, we are unable to refund payment for milk.


What happens if the school is closed at short notice due to bad weather conditions or other circumstances?

We will always attempt delivery, regardless of the weather conditions. If we have managed to deliver to your child’s school, then we have fulfilled our contract and unfortunately no refunds will be offered. This is because we will have delivered your child’s milk to school without any notification that they are closed.



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